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Drs. Tracy Murphy and Kristie Trester are excited to announce the acquisition of North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab.

Although the name of the practice has changed to North Shore Audiology Consultants, our staff of doctoral level audiologists has not, and we look forward to maintaining the highest standard of hearing and balance healthcare utilizing a medical model. We continue to be viewed by the community as the go-to practice in the Chicagoland area for first-in-class audiologic care.

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North Shore Audiology Consultants

Since 1976, our doctors of audiology have combined comprehensive audiologic services with the latest technology to provide patients with flexible options and innovative care for a lifetime.

Specialized Hearing Loss Care

There are many causes for hearing loss which can affect each patient differently. A comprehensive hearing assessment performed by our doctoral audiologists is the first step towards treatment.

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The Latest Hearing Aids

Today's hearing aid technology is far more advanced than its predecessors. We will work with you to select and dispense a hearing aid solution that best meets your unique needs.


Tinnitus Treatment and Retraining

Tinnitus management is based on the results of a comprehensive case history and test battery. Utilizing a medical model, you will receive detailed counseling which may be supplemented with various tinnitus masking devices and/or amplification to provide relief from your tinnitus


Vestibular & Balance Diagnosis

With the use of advanced technology, the causes of dizziness can be identified and proper intervention initiated. Our audiologists are highly skilled in meeting the complexities of diagnosing and treating vertigo. Get back in balance.

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