Communication Tips

See below for a few helpful tips to improve communication with a person who has hearing loss

Set Your Stage. Face the person directly. Spotlight your face (no backlighting). Minimize noisy environments. First, get the attention of the person you want to engage. Don’t resist asking what will make communication easier for the hearing impaired person. Visual cues always supplement auditory input. Get the Point Across. Don’t shout. Speak clearly at moderate pace not over-emphasizing words. Don’t cover your mouth and avoid chewing food or gum while talking. Re-phrase a word or sentence when the hearing impaired person does not understand what is being spoken. Facial expressions and gestures may prove helpful. Be Mindful of the Challenges for Hearing. Be patient if responses to your conversation are not timely. Talk directly to a hard-of-hearing person. Looking at others comprises effective communication with the hearing impaired

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