We are happy to share success stories from successful patients; read below for just some of the positive feedback we receive on a regular basis.
Dr. Kristie Trester is an excellent audiologist. I feel fortunate to be working with her and have felt that way since our first meeting. Her practice handles a number of different manufacturers, which is not always the case and is a great advantage. Kristie is very professional, knowledgeable, experienced, thorough, caring, warm, and friendly. She is extremely articulate and is remarkably good at completely and clearly explaining what the issues are and the steps that are needed to find the solution. She seems to anticipate my questions, and often answers them before I can ask! She is patient, kind, and a very good listener. If you have an issue with your hearing aids, Kristie will not stop until the problem is solved. She obviously loves what she does.


I couldn’t always hear what my grandchildren were saying and I had to ask them to repeat. While playing cards, the conversation at the table was lost to me. Now it is nice to be part of the conversation.


Most of us go a long time without knowing we need hearing aids. What really woke me up was when my son and daughter-in-law moved into their new home. All I knew was that when everyone congregated into the kitchen, I couldn’t hear anything that was going on. I stopped trying. When I got hearing aids, it made a world of difference.


I have been a patient at North Shore Audio-Vestibular Lab for about 3 years now and in many ways it has made a dramatic and positive difference in my life. I had no idea how much I have been missing. It gives me a totally different feeling of freedom.


Tracy is the best! Stop looking any further. She is what you want in an audiologist (like any professional)—expert, responsive, caring, cordial, up to date, flexible, a good listener, and adapts solutions to your needs and circumstances. I am a business owner that requires many in person meetings, sometimes small group settings, sometimes large gatherings. I also have a large family and come from an even larger one. In addition, I am physically active and involved in endurance sports. All of these settings, circumstances and activities require hearing aids that can serve my needs and be adaptable. Tracy has made this possible!

Hearing loss is a bummer. Lucky for us we live in a time when technology can make a normal life of work, family, social activities and other of life’s pleasures possible. However, this technology still needs a person to adapt it to you, optimize its application and tend to its periodic shortcomings and mishaps. This is where the professional really distinguishes themselves—once again Tracy. The hearing aids I have (through Tracy) are the best on the market for my loss, but like all technology they are not perfect. Programming them to my particular hearing loss profile, tailoring them as that profile changes over time, learning to use them properly and able to get on-the-spot appointments from time to time to make adjustments and repairs is what distinguishes the best from the rest. I’ve been working with Tracy and her practice for 8+ years.  There’s none better.


I've been a client for 15 years. The staff is technically proficient and good at working with difficult clients (like me!). They never push unnecessary hearing aid upgrades and are straight about what they can do and what is not possible.


I have been coming to NSAVL for about 8 years now. The reason I keep coming back is my Audiologist. She doesn’t treat me like a number, she treats me like a person. Bottom line, she genuinely cares about me. I could go to a million other places that are more convenient but I come to Highland Park because of the way they treat me.


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