Ear Protection



Earplugs offer excellent protection from potential hearing loss.

Because ears vary in size and shape, the most effective earplugs will be custom made from molds of your ears. We offer a variety of custom earplugs designed specifically for different activities.

Musician’s Plugs

Musicians are especially susceptible to hearing loss because of their constant exposure to music that often exceeds safe decibel levels. To protect their hearing, they need earplugs that limit the amount of damaging noise, but still allow them to hear music that is clear and natural sounding. That’s where musician’s plugs come in.

Regular earplugs cause distortion and muffled speech by reducing higher frequency sounds. High-fidelity musician’s plugs reduce all sounds evenly while maintaining quality, so that music and speech is as close to the original as possible. They include a number of interchangeable attenuators, filters that offer varying levels of sound protection depending on the type of instrument used and the venue played.

We offer custom musician’s plugs and custom noise plugs. Musician’s plugs are available with 9dB, 15dB, and 25dB filters and attenuate equally across the frequency range for a smooth, undistorted response. In-ear monitors are also available, along with specialized wired and wireless headphone options for listening to various audio inputs.
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Musician’s Monitors

Musicians and frequent concert attendees come into extended contact with loud sounds on a regular basis, increasing their odds of developing hearing loss. Music can reach 115 dB levels or higher, a rating that can be damaging to hearing after only 15 minutes of exposure.
The solution is musician monitors, custom, in-ear musician’s monitors designed to provide noise reduction and give the wearer control of the volume. Standard earplugs reduce sounds in the higher range of frequencies, leading to distortion and muffled speech. Hi-fidelity musician monitors provide the user control over how much sound is heard and when. They take the place of traditional loudspeaker monitoring systems, which tend to be oversized and loud, increasing the noise level onstage.
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